Online Fitness & Yoga

There are 3 months left in 2020...I know its been a crazy year! What has helped me stay sane this entire time is my food, fitness & wellness habits. October 1st 2020 I'm starting a private fitness & wellness group. Will you join me?


-2 workouts per week

-1 recipe/nutrition related video

-Support & Accountability


It's only $10 per month! Maybe a 3 month commitment to your health? Let's do this together!

1 month

3 Months

Private yoga sessions are perfect for beginners and more advanced practitioners. In a private setting you are less prone to injury as asanas will be selected based on your needs. Your 6 week sessions can be both online & in person.


You know that working out & physical fitness is what you should be doing for our health. Sometimes you need the support of someone else in order to stay focused & that is OK! This is a in person and online training option. Once you purchase your program we begin our 6 week training session. We will talk about your goals, how to get there and how to maintain your results!