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Online Fitness & Yoga Training


This 6 week fitness & wellness plan is perfect for those of you that just need a plan you can follow. You are self motivated but you need the plan laid out for you so you can execute. We start by setting your goal, taking pictures for weekly before & afters and then I formulate the plan you!


-Weekly training plan

-Nutrition support & guidance

-Email and text support

-Support & Accountability



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This option includes 2 private sessions per week.


Private yoga sessions are perfect for beginners and more advanced practitioners. In a private setting you are less prone to injury as asanas will be selected based on your needs. Your 6 week sessions can be both online & in person.

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This is option includes 3 private virtual training sessions per week. 


You know that working out & physical fitness is what you should be doing for our health. Sometimes you need the support of someone else in order to stay focused & that is OK! This is a in person and online training option. Once you purchase your program we begin our 6 week training session. We will talk about your goals, how to get there and how to maintain your results!

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