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How to grow long nails naturally

Ever tried growing your nails naturally? For many years, I’m talking at least 15 years; my nails were very thin and brittle. When I started working as a teen, one of my favorite things to do on payday was paying a visit to my favorite salon with my friends to get my nails done. It was fun, but as I got older I stopped getting my nails done so much. I started thinking; this cannot be healthy for my nails at all. Whenever I gave my nails a break from the acrylics they were paper thin, dry and never worth trying to hang on to.

After throwing in the towel with the acrylic nails I decided that maybe gel nails would help my nails grow with less damage. I was sadly mistaken! Gel polish is just as bad for the nails, at least in my opinion. Although my natural nails did not undergo the intense nail grinding that happens when you get acrylics, my nails were still very thin after taking the gel off. Almost worth saving, but they would always end up breaking not long after taking the gel off.

Then, as if by a miracle (I’m laughing as I re-read that) my nails began to grow on their own December 2015. There are only two logical reasons for the newfound growth and strength in my nails. And its NOT because I take hair, skin and nail vitamins. In fact, I firmly believe that anyone taking vitamins is wasting their money. Your body does not fully absorb the pills you take, therefore you are throwing money away. The reason why my nails are strong and long is because the vitamin and mineral deficiency has finally been “fixed” so to speak. As you keep reading, remember that I never had long nails until December 2015 – never.

Before you click away, here me out. There are certain vitamins and minerals the body needs in order to keep our nails long and strong, and evidently, I was missing them for many years of my life.

Below I have listed the necessary vitamins and minerals needed that I consume on a regular bases:


Vitamin A, B, C & E

Folate (NOT folic acid)







Now lets talk about how I was able to “fix” this deficiency simply by eating and how does that even happen. When our bodies are deficiency in one area, for this articles sake, E, C, A and other vitamins listed above the skin, nails and hair suffer. This happens when we don’t eat a balanced diet. For the past 5 years I have been consistently eating healthy, I’m talking 90% of the time I eat nutrient dense foods and superfoods. So over time, the vitamins and minerals are able to re-energize the cells in my body. It’s the same concept when I talk about how food can wipe out menstrual cramps. By following an anti-inflammatory diet, anyone can either reduce or completely eliminated pain in the body by allowing the body to re-energize the cells and fill us up with the good stuff.

So now, after 5 years of consistently feeding my body what it needs in order to produce such beautiful healthy nails, I have just that! Do I have a little help from nail hardener here and there, yes? But, during the years of my struggle nails I used nail hardener as well and my nails still broke. So, with that said, the polish is more of an aesthetic than something I use to keep my nails from breaking. They thrive on their own! Haha!

So what are the steps to fixing a vitamin and mineral deficiency? Well first of all you must stop eating junk, stop dieting and get real with your food. 5-6 years ago I ate what most dieting women in America eat. Lean Cuisines, Kellogg’s Protein Shakes, and other “healthy” diet foods. Not enough leafy greens, no green smoothies, absolutely no organic food, fast food, junk junk and more junk.

With that said, the obvious option is to switch the diet. All illness and deficiencies lead back to how well you are taking care of yourself. By the way, this will work for any deficiency, not just for nails.

Anyhow darlings, I hope that you found this video and article helpful! As always, thank you for reading/watching!



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