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1. Talk negative/think negative – literally cannot do it! That voice in your head that you think is you really isn’t you. Any thoughts that come to your mind that are toxic, negative and speak against your true self is not true. Negative thinking is not your natural state. Unfortunately, due to conditioning many people have learned to see the negative in themselves, their circumstances, the world and other people. You turn that around by reading, expanding your mind, connecting with your higher self and learning to let go.

2. Compare myself to other women or other people in general. This is detrimental to many women especially. This is very simple. There is nothing different about the next person except for extra work they may have done on themselves that you didn’t. When you realize your own greatness you don’t have time to compare yourself to anyone else. You look at others and admire their beauty, talent, career, money, material positions etc. and say to yourself “I’m going to get the same thing” if that is truly what you desire. OR you’re simply happy for them and you continue to work toward your own goals. There is literally no reason to compare yourself to anyone as you are greatness yourself.

3. Dwell in negative spaces. Nothing good comes from remaining in negative mental spaces. Nothing good comes from remaining in negative physical spaces. It is very hard to grow as a woman when you spend time in the past or in situations that make it hard for you to flourish. When I realized that I let go of the mental baggage that kept me from growing. I also physically removed and still remove myself from situations and people that could potentially stop me from growing. It is very simple for me at this point especially as we get to point 4….

4. Waste time and youth. Many believe that time is our most valuable currency. Once its spent you cannot get it back. Each moment that passes by cannot be recouped if it’s not used wisely. I realized that 6 years ago and since then all of my time is used constructively. Understanding that my time could be up right now forces me to be the best version of myself. Forces me to analyze all relationships in my life, all habits, thoughts etc. I do not waste 1 second being mad without learning from the situation or person. I do not waste one second being anywhere that is not beneficial to my growth.

5. Bury my thoughts and feelings. Thoughts and feelings are our GPS for life and are not meant to be bottled up. After I learned how to communicate effectively I began to release anxiety, depression and anger. My personal relationships improved and the relationship with myself improved. Instead of flying off of the handle after bottling up my emotions and thoughts for 6 months I carefully analyze what I’m feeling and then release by way effective communication.

6. Limit my imagination. I dream big! Imagining the possibilities for my life make me feel amazing. Imagination is a skill that I had to sharpen. Learning to imagine things using all senses help create the feeling that what I see in my mind is real on another plane and I can bring it to the physical plane. Having to “adult” can suck the life out of our imagination if you let it. That’s the key! If you decide you want to remain childlike mentally that is your choice. That does not mean that we neglect our responsibilities as young adults and adults, rather imagination keeps us youthful. Dreaming big is a reminder of what’s possible. If you can dream it you can achieve it. All great inventions and ideas were once in the imagination of a human being just like you!

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