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Healthy Smoothie Recipe For Kids

Hey parents! I have a healthy smoothie recipe here that is perfect for your kids. Its important that we start giving our kids more of the good stuff now because everything that they consume now is shaping their organs…. By starting to give your kids healthy food now and teaching them the benefits of eating healthy you are setting the groundwork for a health future. I know that you want that for your children.

I also know how difficult it can be to get your kids to eat things like avocados, bee pollen and other sueprfoods you have taken a liking to…or that you consume because you know its good for you! First we ask them to eat their greens and now we want them to eat avocados? Uhhh…

So why is this worth it? Why should you con your kids into eating healthy and drinking smoothies? You are setting a foundation for good health! My kids do not get sick often…that’s not because we are lucky. In the dead of winter and ‘flu season’ my kids may have a runny nose here or there, but because they consume smoothies like you see here they get sick less. That includes ear infections, stomach aches, low energy, foggy brain, childhood obesity and the list goes on. Some kids are naturally armed with super immune fighters and others have issues getting sick all of the time.


2 frozen freckled bananas (ripe bananas)

½ avocado

½ tablespoon bee pollen

1 ½ tablespoon cacao powder

4 cups nut milk


Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and serve immediately. Serves 2.

**WARNING: if you have seasonal allergies USE CAUTION. Start by trying 1-2 bee pollen granules before using the full serving for this recipe.

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