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Does Waist Training Work?

I was completely prepared to go in on waist trainers and companies that promote waist training as a means to weight loss and belly fat reduction. I am still going to address that and let you read my original opinion at the bottom of this post. I wanted to do more research on the subject so that you can make an informed decision.

Upon doing my research I came across a video on YouTube of a woman with a 16’’ waist named Kelly Lee Dekay. As I watched this video (in awe) Kelly started talking about “tight lacing”, a term I have never heard of. So after a bit of Goggling I realized that tight lacing is somewhat of a culture that dates back to the 19th century. Additionally women that waist train and tight lace within this community do so because they enjoy the romanticism and consider it an art form - not for weight or belly fat loss. Many also enjoy the “challenge” of cinching their waist (i.e. cinching a 32” waist down to 22” while in the garment).

Émilie Marie Bouchaud - 19th century trained tight lacer

I found this fascinating because I never heard of a Tight Lacing or Corsetiere community, but it exists! One consistent fact among the women in this community is that they do not do this for weight loss purposes. Yes they see reduction in their waist; some wear the corsets (not waist trainers) for 5-6 hours others for 23 hours and the garments are worn under and over their clothing.

I am pro woman, beauty and sexiness all the way; I believe we should do what we want to when it comes to our body. But I am also pro health and wellness. I believe in having a healthy body image and going about changing our body in a healthy way. Not following trends nor comparing our bodies to others. With all that said, I still stand by my statement (below) that you can achieve a small waist by working out and proper nutrition.

If you’re cool with wearing a corset under your clothing and you consider yourself a part of the Tight Lacing/Corsetiere community I say more power to you! But if you are jumping on the waist cinching band-wagon for weight loss and belly fat loss I hope I opened your eyes a bit.

Additional Resources:

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Original Blog

I want to talk to you about this waist-training phenomenon. Look I get it, some of the most influential people in the entertainment world “waist train” (or do they really twilight zone music) and it’s gotten so popular via social networks...its crazy. That exaggerated tiny waist to hip look seems to be the new thing these days… but you must know that the companies and people that promote them are selling you dreams.

It’s upsetting to me as someone in the health, wellness, and beauty field because here we go again… Yet another product designed off of our insecurities as women. I don’t care who you are and where you are from you want a flat tummy and small waist. It’s kind of the essence of femininity. I mean, when is the last time you heard a woman say, “I really want my belly to hang over my jeans, that’s hot. And my love handles are awesome”. Never!

It’s no surprise that the most popular Instagram "celebrities" Youtube guru's and reality stars are promoting these products. Said celebs post a picture and we are instantly captivated because “I want a body like her!” Next thing you know you are ordering a waist trainer for $89.95 (yes they are expensive). It would be laughable if so many women and young girls weren’t dying to achieve these looks…it’s an issue.

The truth is waist trainers will provide you with some superficial change, but nothing that lasts. So that means you have to “waist train” for the rest of your life. Or your other option is surgery. Did you know a lot of the models & celebrities have had fat transfer surgery and have been photo shopped to look that perfect? I am in no way saying plastic surgery is bad, if you want a little nip tuck then do your thing. My issue is with celebrities who have surgery, then put on waist trainers and sell you a lie.

Look I don’t know much about “the science” or lack there of, behind waist training, nor the history. But what I do know is you can achieve a small waist without a waist trainer. But you have to work for it…your victory will be much sweeter when you BUST YOUR ASS and earn that small waist and the body of your dreams. Waist trainers, diet pills, diets, wraps and other fads are all "tools" for the yo-yo dieter. In which I used to be. Yoyo dieting and following trends sucks because these “tools” will have you back at square one… month after month.

If you want to be healthy, fit, and feel sexy you have to focus and make this a healthy living a lifestyle. And more importantly, LOVE YOURSELF AND EVERYTHING THAT MAKES YOU – YOU.

Break up with the trends and stop comparing yourself to others. Deal? Deal.

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