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How long will it take to health chronic candida overgrowth?

How long will it take to “cure” candida and chronic bacterial infections? This is a very common question that I get on my YouTube videos, in my DMs and my email inbox. I have a universal answer for that…

It depends on your body.

It took my body about 5 years to get with the program. 5 years of ups and downs dealing with candida and chronic bv. I tried everything. Every pill, herb, tincture and detox trying desperately to defeat the problem. The thing to remember is…

Illness doesn’t develop overnight, and healing won’t happen overnight.

Just like our skin cells regenerate so do the cells in our body (duh lol) You will need to give your body time to make new healthy cells. In order to do that you will have to change your diet. This is non-negotiable. There is no “well it’s so hard” or “I can’t seem to stick to healthy eating” or “it’s so expensive”. You will have to find a way to afford the things you need to eat. You will have to find a way to afford the supplements that will aid in your healing process.

Things you can do to occupy your time while you are on this journey include:

-Journaling about the healing process.

-Practice self love by doing yoni steams, yoga, eating healthy foods

-Exercise; this is a great stress reliever

-Go to the sauna; like working out the sweat is great for detoxing the body

Just a little tip for those struggling with the odor that can come along with candida and chronic bv. Wear a ORGANIC panty liner, pad or tampon. Please for Gods sake stop using cheap products down there!

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