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Healthy Kids Meals

Oh my goodness what a task it can be to feed your children well! My kids used to give me such a hard time with dinner lol. Really it was my youngest who will sometimes eat just a bowl of corn and apples while my oldest prefers a “fancier” plate like the one pictured.

I don’t know if my kids feel the same way about the plates but I think it adds a little something special to their dinnertime. What do you think? What I have learned is that sometimes, different members of the household will want or will prefer certain foods. I still say offer everyone the same thing, but do not force him or her to eat the same thing as everyone else. I believe that will cause the child a bit of trauma when it comes to that food. For example, one of my brothers was forced to eat cabbage and squash as a child. To this day he refuses to eat those 2 vegetables. And it’s a shame too because those 2 veggies are so good! But the point is, don’t force you kids to eat anything they don’t want to eat. Simply offer it and one day I am sure they will try. In fact, research shows that a child may need to be exposed to a food 10 times or MORE before accepting it. One way to implement a varied diet for your children is make sure your diet has an abundance of variety as well. That is, be sure you cook or prepare loads of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats if you prefer. Your kids will follow your lead.

So anyway…the point I am trying to make here is to

1. Have the healthy options available

2. Offer them to your kids frequently

3. Don’t force them to eat things they don’t accept yet

Pictured here is dinner for my oldest. This was a day that I did not feel like cooking OR he wasn’t feeling the fancy schmancy meal I made. Blueberries and grapes, corn and peas, with a sandwich on whole grain bread with lean turkey meat, and some ketchup. Bam, done, no fuss! Dinner for the kids doesn’t need to be frustrating really. Sometimes I wish my kids would eat the fancy meals I make for them but they aren’t always down for the cause. I do always offer them different food items; sometimes they surprise me and say, “I want some!”

Good luck with dinner prep for the babies! Don’t give up trying to feed them well!

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