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Getting Ready to Detox

When it comes to detoxing there are many different routes you can go. There are juice detox programs; fruit and veggie, water, colonics and herbal cleanse programs. I am doing the herbal detox program and I couldn’t be more excited!

I haven’t done a true detox in almost 2 years. After do a colonic at a wellness center back home in Maryland I felt amazing. I have always battled cravings for sweets and after doing some research I found out that candida and yeast could be the cause. Sure enough while at the wellness center I saw it coming out *eek!!!* Sadly I do not live anywhere near a wellness center where I can have this done. So this herbal detox program is the next best thing.

Preparing to Detox

I am using the Wild Rose Herbal D-TOX program but my wife is using the Now Foods Black Walnut Wormwood tincture. Before you start a detox make sure you do some research on the ingredients.

In addition to getting the detox system you prefer you've got to follow a clean diet. The Wild Rose D-Tox system came with a suggested diet/meal plan. A few days before our detox started we went to the farmers market...long over due!

I was suprised at first that this detox system actually says its ok to eat chicken, fish, lamb, and beef. But after reading what this system actually does I see it is not so much about killing intestinal parasites...which is one of my goals. With that said after the 12 days is done I will continue to detox using the Black Walnut and Wormwood Complex.

My diet during this detox period will be mostly fruits, vegetables, quinoa, brown rice, and very little chicken or salmon.

What to Eat While Detoxing

I will not be following the Wild Rose system to the T or much at all. I plan to have chicken or salmon once or twice during the 12 days. But my main goal is to eat as much fruits and vegetables as I can to assit the herbs in cleansing my body. I hope to share some recipes with you via YouTube or on my blog.

Thanks for reading <3

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