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Omaina Cosmetics Review - Organic - Non-toxic Makeup! - Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup Review


Products in order:

Matte Mousse Foundation - Tan - $47.99

Creamy Matte Full Coverage Foundation - Mediterranean $38.00


Blush - Cheerful - $29.99

Mineral Viel - $28.95

Lipstick - Subtile Shimmer Purple Pink - $24.99




These products are either --

-- titanium dioxide-free

-- without mica

-- without BOTH titanium dioxide and mica

and most products are without boron nitride, ultramarines, some without zinc oxide, and other ingredients that some may need to avoid because of sensitivity or allergen requirements. Many gals come to Epic Mineral Beauty / Omiana because they found out they're allergic to an ingredient, their skin is itching / breaking out with other natural makeup brands, or they've just done a ton of research on ingredient safety!

We NEVER use carmine (our makeup is always carmine-free), talc (talc-free), gluten, nano-particles, or even micro-sized particles (makeup without nanoparticles). As for the nano- and micro- particles -- Those itty-bitty particles can be very dangerous: They blend beautifully on skin but can be absorbed into the bloodstream and even alter DNA and/or be stored in tissues. Companies in the USA currently do not even have to disclose if they are using such small particle sizes; most 'natural' companies have no idea because they're not so involved in sourcing and manufacturing their products: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, boron nitride, and even iron oxides and other ingredients can be way too small in their particle size and many 'natural' brands, whether knowingly or unknowingly, use these small particles that pose danger to our health.

PETA's list of companies that test on animals

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