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Natural Deodorants - Do They Work?

When I first dove into the holistic lifestyle that I live today, I had no idea how many toxic products existed – let alone the toxic products that I had been slathering on my body. This was eye opening for me because our skin is very porous and is our largest organ. The moment we put something onto our skin, the body instantly absorbs it into the blood stream. Deodorant is one of those products that nobody can live without. Unless of course, you live on a deserted island; in which, I assume, everyone is running around funky. However, we are all living and walking amongst each other and when there is a whiff of funk everyone gets offended.

When I learned about the dangers of deodorant I was shocked and immediately stopped using my long time favs. The main ingredient in most (if not all) commercial deodorants is aluminum zirconium .This ingredient is considered a neurotoxin and has been linked to Alzihmers disease, breast cancer and other hormonal diseases. Dr. Mercola's study

To reduce the chances of developing one of the many disorders linked to the use of commercial deodorants I purchased many natural brands that did NOT work so I started to make my own. It’s very simple to make, Google DIY deodorant and have a ball! My blend works well, but it burns my armpits sometimes (keeping it 100). I know that not everyone wants to make their own deodorant. So when The Evelyn Kay Club sent me a stick of deodorant last week to try and review I was excited to see if it really works. I applied the deodorant in the morning and by the evening I was not funky. Whoo hoo! I also applied the deodorant to my freshly shaved pits and no burning or stinging. Not only are the ingredients non-toxic and perfectly safe for everyone to use, they donate a stick of deodorant for every stick purchased to charity. The mission for The Evelyn Kay Club is to educate us all on the dangers of the ingredients in commercial deodorant brands.

One might say, well, Shakera, how do you know that the deodorant is the culprit of all of these people falling ill? After all, there are other ways humans consume aluminum and other toxins. You are absolutely right. That is why I stress that we must live a healthy lifestyle. When you live and consume products consciously you make be best decisions for your health. You use the best products available with the most pure ingredients so that you reduce your risk of developing cancer and other diseases.

It is hard to definitively pin point the cause of any disease, however, if you reduce the amount of toxins you expose yourself to you reduce the chance of developing an illness.

Now I must mention the antiperspirant component of this product and other products. I know that people use deodorants and antiperspirants to prevent sweating. However, you should not want to prevent the NATURAL action of your body. Sweating is a form of detoxing (i.e. saunas); it helps rid the body of toxins and waste. When you prevent that natural process, you harm your body.

In closing, I put my stamp of approval on this non-toxic deodorant! If you have wasted money on expensive deodorant then look no further. This product is worth your money, is good for you, and The Evelyn Kay Club believes in paying it forward.

Thank you so much for reading!

With love & kindness,



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