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Should I Workout While On My Period?

This is something I found myself – asking myself – just the other day. Aunt Flow is making herself present with PMS symptoms. I feel heavy, fatigued, and emotional whenever she comes into town. I hate that feeling because I am very active and used to feeling light and free! Yesterday I pretty much forced myself to workout for two reasons. My fitness routine had been suffering the past week due to travelling and I felt like this was a mandatory workout (reason 1). I also felt that maybe, just maybe, the movement would make me feel better (reason 2). And of course it did - of course I know that! But sometimes, even this fitness freak will talk myself out of doing what I know is best. I did a 20-minute Tabata routine and followed it up with a short yoga flow. I was extremely proud of myself for “sucking it up” and working out even when I did not feel like it.

So to answer the question of whether or not you should workout when you are on your period or just about to get it is YES. But always, listen to your body. If you feel like you absolutely cannot work out due to pain, then maybe you should take a day off. However, if you know that you can kick the fatigue or that you can mentally pull through I say go for it. Do not use your period as an excuse to not take care of yourself. I say use it as a reason to conquer a challenge today!

Tips for working out while on your period:

Choose a short and sweet workout

Where loose clothing to be comfortable

Opt for Yoga, Pilates or other gentle practices

Listen to your body; stop when needed

Be kind to yourself during this time

Benefits of working out on your period:

The sweat from your workout may help decrease bloating

The feel good endorphins will make you feel better

The increased oxygen and blood flowing during your workout will soothe minor cramping and discomfort

You will feel like a bad a** for not letting cramps defeat you!

Thank you so much for reading!



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