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Pamper Yourself!

You know you are a mom when taking a shower becomes a spa experience. Make shower time your personal time to pamper yourself if going to the spa isn’t convenient for you.

Like most people, I love the spa. I love the feeling of escape from every day life… even my kids for an hour or so. We need that time to reboot or re center ourselves…its called self-care. However, the reality is I cannot make it to the spa as often as Id like to. That does not mean I neglect myself.

So if you can’t get to the spa, create a spa experience in your own bathroom. Try to do this when the kids are sleeping so your relaxation mode is not disturbed.

First, set the mood for a relaxing shower or bath with scented candles. Music of your choice if you like. Sometimes I play a Zen Meditation cd I bought from Target... pick a genre that helps relax you. Invest in some luxurious shower gel and sugar scrub that is just for you (*you can also make you own sugar scrub). And finally, make sure you use shower/bath tools to aid in your spa experience. You need a mesh sponge (I call it a poof), maybe something to help exfoliate your back, a brush for your face etc. I have linked some spa products below. My favorite being the Coconut Pineapple sugar scrub… it is amazing for at home pampering!

Lastly, make sure you have a good quality lotion or oil to massage into your skin after wards. For this part, you can include your significant other if you please :) . I use coconut oil to moisturize after my home spa experience. It’s inexpensive and effective. You can find organic coconut oil right on as well!

Wishing you best in health and beauty!




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